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剑桥英汉高阶词典最新版 4.0


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Important Updating Advice

1. Back up the bookmark from the App

2. Delete the App from iPhone

3. Download the new App from App Store(with same account)

4. Restore the backup from the App to get back the bookmark data.


The dictionary support O.S4.0 or above.

If you couldn't get your backup data after reinstall,please send your UDID to [email protected] for help.

Top Paid Reference App in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Cambridge Advanced English-Chinese Talking Dictionary, designed for upper-intermediate to advanced Chinese learners of English. It is the most reputable dictionary with both British and American English pronunciation in real native voice, developed by Cambridge University Press optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Key features include:

- The dictionary is developed from Cambridge International Corpus, a collection of over a billion words of written and spoken (transcribed) language from a huge variety of sources, reflecting how English language is used in daily lives

- Over 190,000 words, phrases, idioms, phrasal verbs and meanings with English, simplified and traditional Chinese definitions

- Built-in British and American pronunciations of headwords in real native voice

- Over 80,000 full example sentences and phrases, reflect how real English is used in day-to-day situations

- Prominent guidewords to help Advanced learners find the meaning more easily

- Pictures and illustrations to help highlight variations in meaning that are essential for your progression

- Word frequency information provided to adapt to the needs of learners of English

- Bookmark that allows personal notes on searched words enabling you to better organize and centralize learning resources

- History to let you easily keep track of searched words

- Cross-search functions allowing you to find out exactly what you want to know without any hassle by jumping anywhere between headwords and explanations

- Interactive geographical data allowing you to find out where you are through Google Map

(Cambridge Advanced English-Chinese Talking Dictionary works as a stand alone application and no internet or WiFi connection is required.)


- For best application performance, please upgrade to iPhone 4.0 software.

- Delay in synchronization might occur when using older versions.

- Please ensure sound effects/ringer is on, the audio will not play in silent mode.


- Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Talking Dictionary

- Cambridge Learner’s English-Chinese Talking Dictionary

- and more on http://www.dwedu.com/

What's new in Version 4.0

Version 4.0

>>New version of Cambridge Advanced Learner's Talking Dictionary Offering a new experience for users.

>>New user interface to provide a easier navigation.

>>New Listening Test with Friend Challenge, allowing users to challenge friends.

>>New search function allowing user to search Phrase Verbs and Idioms.

>>New navigation guide to allow fast search.

>>New font setting function allowing users to adjust fonts and size.

>>Retina Display with fast switching multi-tasking function.

Remarks :

>>Only support iOS 4.0 or above.

>>Free Update for all purchased user.

Suggested Update Method:

>>Backup the bookmark from the App

>>Delete the app from iPhone

>>Re-download the new App from AppStore

>>Restore the backup from the App to get back the bookmark data



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