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VirtualBox 4.0.2


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VirtualBox最早是德国一家软件公司InnoTek所开发的虚拟系统软件,后来被Sun收购,改名为Sun VirtualBox,在Sun被Oracle收购后现改名为Oracle VirtualBox.因为他是开源的,不同于VM,而且功能强大,可以在 Linux/Mac 和 Windows 主机中运行, 并 支持在其中安装 Windows (NT 4.0、2000、XP、Server 2003、Vista)、DOS/Windows 3.x、Linux (2.4 和 2.6)、OpenBSD 等系列的客户操作系统.假如你曾经有用过虚拟机软件的经历的话,相信使用 VirtualBox 不在话下。即便你是一个新手,也没有关系。VirtualBox 提供了详细的文档,可以助你在短期内入门。

下载: VirtualBox 4.0.2

VirtualBox 4.0.2 (released 2011-01-18)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

GUI: don't crash if a removable host drive referenced from the VM settings vanished

GUI: fixed a crash when using the KDE4 Oxygen theme and clicked on the settings button (4.0 regression; bug #7875)

GUI: properly warn if the machine folder cannot be created (bug #8031)

GUI: several fixes for multimonitor X11 guests

ExtPack: don’t make the installer helper application suid root (Linux .deb/.rpm packages only)

ExtPack: improved user experience on Vista / Windows 7 when installing an extension pack

ExtPack: fixed issue with non-ascii characters in the path name during installing an extension pack (bug #7917)

ExtPack: fixed SELinux issues on 32-bit Linux hosts

VBoxManage: Host-only interface creation and removal is now supported for all platforms except Solaris (bug #7741)

VBoxManage: fixed segmentation fault when removing non-existent host-only interface

Storage: fixed possible crashes with VMDK/VHD images with snapshots and async I/O (4.0 regression)

Storage: don’t eject the physical medium if a DVD/CDROM/floppy drive is detached from a VM (bug #5825)

Storage: be more robust when a faulty guest sends ATA commands to an ATAPI device (bug #6597)

Parallels: fixed deletion of the image during suspend, pause or power off (4.0 regression)

Bridged networking: fixed host kernel panic when bridging to devices with no TX queue (4.0 regression; Linux hosts only; bug #7908)

NAT: port-forwarding rule registration respects protocol parameter (bug #8094)

E1000: fixed PXE boot issues with WDS (bug #6330)

Virtio-net: fixed the issue with TX performance in some Linux guests

ICH9: fixed VM crash (software virtualization only; bug #7885)

VGA: fixed VESA screen issue (4.0 regression; bug #7986)

Shared Folders: fixed parameter parsing when creating symbolic links, fixes 32-bit/64-bit bitness issue (bug #818)

Main: fixed crash under rare circumstances due to an invalid logging string (4.0 regression)

Main: improve error information propagation for errors preventing a VM start

Main: fixed problems with snapshots and non-ASCII characters in machine paths (bug #8024)

Webservice: now listens to localhost by default as documented (bug #6067)

Settings: do not fail loading machine settings if removeable drive attachment (host drive or image) cannot be found; with 4.0 this is much more likely when machines are moved from one host to another

Settings: fixed issue that changing a snapshot name or description was not saved to machine XML

OVF/OVA: fixed import of files created by other OVF tools (bug #7983)

rdesktop-vrdp: fix a crash during USB device enumeration (bug #7981)

Linux hosts: fixed a crash during USB device enumeration.

Linux hosts: try a bit harder to allocate memory (bug #8035; 4.0 regression)

Guest Additions: fixed parsing of parameters for guest control in VBoxService (4.0 regression; bug #8010)

Windows Guest Additions: automatic logon on Windows Vista/Windows 7 now supports unlocking previously locked workstations

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