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Web 开发与设计师速查手册大全


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本文将着重介绍 Web 前端设计者常用速查手册。其中涉及颜色速查表以及 Adobe 众多设计工具的速查手册。

<H3 class=subtitle>Color Codes</H3>

RGB Hex Colour Chart

这张 RGB 16进制颜色速查表刚好可以打印在整张 A4 纸上,包含216种所谓的 Web 安全色。下载(PNG | PDF

Color Reference Guide (配色表,下载 PDF

Web Safe Color Chart (Web 安全色,下载 GIF

HTML Colors Cheat Sheet (预览 | 下载 )

RGB Values for Macbeth Color Checker (Macbeth 色卡之 RGB 色值,预览

<H3 class=subtitle>Dreamweaver</H3>

DreamWeaver CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts (PC)

DW PC CS4 版快捷键速查手册,下载(PDF)

<H3 class=subtitle>Illustrator</H3>

Adobe Illustrator CS4 Shortcuts (MacPC )

Adobe Illustrator CS4 快捷键速查表。下载(MAC PDF | PC PDF

<H3 class=subtitle>Indesign</H3>

Adobe InDesign CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts (MacPC )

Adobe InDesign CS4 快捷键速查表,下载 (MAC PDF | PC PDF

<H3 class=subtitle>Photoshop</H3>

Photoshop CS3 Keyboard Shortcut (hotoshop CS3 快捷键速查,下载 PDF

Photoshop CS4 Shortcut Cheatsheets (Photoshop CS4 快捷键速查,下载 MAC PDF | PC PDF

Brush Tool cheatsheetush Tool cheat sheet for Photoshop (Photoshop 笔刷速查手册,下载 PDF

Adobe Photoshop Quick Reference Guide (Photoshop 速查手册,下载 PDF

Black & White Cheatsheet For Photoshop (如何在 Photoshop 中处理黑白图,下载 PSD

Photoshop Quick reference card (Photoshop 快速参考,下载 PDF )

Photoshop Lasso Tool Cheat Sheet (Photoshop 套索选择工具速查,下载 PDF

Photoshop Toolbox Reference (Photoshop 工具箱参考手册,全部 Flash 格式教程,直接浏览

Keys for using the Layers palette (层操作快捷键,直接浏览

<H3 class=subtitle>Flash</H3>

Flash CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts(PC and Mac )

Flash CS4 快捷键速查,下载 MAC PDF | PC PDF

ActionScript 3.0 Top Level Cheat Sheet

ActionScript 3.0 高阶速查手册,下载 PDF

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